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An appetizing food experience - Delicacies of Hiroshima -

Hiroshima Prefecture is a region with an abundance of delicious food because it is located close to both the sea and mountains.

The iconic food is “okonomiyaki”, the soul food of Hiroshima, which is popular for its delicious taste when served hot.
It contains a variety of layered ingredients such as shredded vegetables like cabbage, thin pork, noodles and egg on a round pancake made of flour.

In addition, we have many agricultural and marine products, such as lemons and oysters (prefectural fish), which enjoy a high share in production nationwide.
The long-established and time-tested Hiroshima beef is of high quality and one of our best specialties.

In Hiroshima, there are a lot of sake breweries.
Especially, Saijo district in Higashihiroshima City is one of the three major sake brewing regions in Japan.

image of okonomiyakiOkonomiyaki

image of oystersimage of koiwashiSeafoods

image of lemonimage of dekoponFruits

image of hiroshimawagyuBeef (Hiroshima Wagyu)

image of japanese sakeimage of japanese sake-2Japanese Sake