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Products & Technologies List

water treatment and equipment

Products and Technologies Company Name
Various Pumps TERAL Inc.
Stainless Submersible Stirrer  Pueque Co.Ltd.,
Automatic BOD Analyser
Grease Collector System  Maruhachi Co. Ltd.,
Surface Tracking Oil Skimmer  Kowa M-tech Co. Ltd.,
Hand-Pump Potable Pure Water Production Unit Emax Co. Ltd.,
On-site Potable waster production unit Daiichi Consultants Technology Co,.Ltd.
Wastewater Treatment EPC / O&M Tsuneishi Kamtechs Corporation
EGSB wastewater treatment system Aiken Aqua Technology
Toilet Water Recirculating System Eiwa Land & Environment Co,.Ltd.
Hollow Fiber Membrane Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Dewatering Centrifuge Hiroshima Metal & Machinery Co.Ltd.,
Sewer & Rainwater Pipe Network Software Pipe Design Inc.,
Electrolysed Water Tech Corporation


water treatment and clean aquaculture

Products and Technologies Company Name
Viable Organism Analyzer Satake Corporation
Viable Organism Sampler
Nano-Bubble Generator Tech Corporation
Biofilter medium Santai Sangyo Co.,Ltd.
Aquatic Environment Equibalancer Hinomaru Sangyo Co.Ltd.,


waste management and recycling clean agriculture

Products and Technologies Company Name
Compost of Wastewater Treatment Sludge and Coffee Grounds Futaba Sankyo Co.Ltd.,
Rice Husk Fermentation Liquid  AINA Inc.
Recycled Fertiliser from Food Waste Compost Kume Fertiliser Co.Ltd.,
Organic Turbo Composter Mikuniya Corporarion

Food Waste Turbo Composer

Tech Corporation


waste management and recycling

Products and Technologies Company Name
Custom Design Recycling System The MIIKE Inc
Ballistic Separator
Incinerator Bottom Ash Recycling Tsuneishi Kamtechs Corporation
Shredder for Scrap Tires SEIHO Engineering  Co.Ltd.,
Uniaxial & Double Axial Shredders IKC Co.Ltd.,
Compactor Baler of waste 
HMP Waste Wood Crusher  Sanyo Engineering
SDC Drum Chipper
Plastic Flake Sorter Satake Corpotation
Motor Vehicle Bumper Recycling


waste management and recycling energy

Products and Technologies Company Name
Torrefaction of Organic Waste HIROSHIMA GAS TECHNO SERVICE Co.,Ltd.
Plastic Waste to Solid Fuel Scheme IKC Co.Ltd.,
Plastic Waste to Liquid Fuel CFP Group, Inc.
RDF Production Scheme Ogawa Econos.Inc
Rice Husk Briquetter Tromso Co.Ltd.,
Sludge Valorisation The MIIKE Inc



Products and Technologies Company Name
Biomass Gasifier Tone Kogyo
Finned Tube Heat Exchanger Daikure Co.Ltd.,
Vacuum Solar Heat Collector Terada Iron Works Co.Ltd.,
Photocatalytic Coating for Solar Panels Ohno Group
Integrated Coal Gasification Fuel Cell Combined Cycle OSAKI CoolGen Corporation


air and soil quality

Products and Technologies Company Name
Flue Gas Desulfurisation System Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.
Flue Gas NOx Removal System
Urea Quality Sensor SUN-A Co., Ltd.
In-situ VOCs Remediation Technology Ohashi Shokai
In-situ Bio-Chemical Remediation Technology Earth Solution Inc.
Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Analysis Kit
Environment & Energy Consulting Chugai Technos Corporation


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