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Aki Region 2

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Aki Region 1 Aki Region 2

Hiroshima Prefecture Map

There are also many fascinating sightseeing spots in this area.
Yasumiyama(1), where you can enjoy the beautiful Setonaikai (Inland Sea) seascape.
Sakagura Street(2)in Saijo, Higashihiroshima, where sake breweries with Namako-kabe (a wall covered with square tiles jointed with raised plaster) andbrick chimneys remain.
Haigamine(3), where you can see the beautiful nightscape of Kure Port and Kure City.
Gochiso-Ichibankan in Shimokamagari(4)which displays materials and information about Joseon missions to Japan(Korean Emissary).
Kenminnohama (Hiroshima Prefecture beach)(5)where marine sports are popular.
Yamato Museum(6)where you can learn about the History of Kure and Science and Technology.
Takewara Preserved District  (7)which still retains the appearance of the Edo Period.
Nagato Naval Science Historical Museum(8)in Kurahashi, , which displays a replica of a Kentoshi Ship.
Higashihiroshima City(9)where there are many famous golf courses.

Seto Inland Sea
Seto Inland Sea:Mt.Yasumiyama
Sake Brewery Avenue
Higashi-Hiroshima:Sake Brewery Avenue
Night View
Kure:Night View
Korean Envoy Museum
Shimo-Kamagari:Korean Envoy Museum
Kenmin-no-Hama Beach
Kamagari:Kenmin-no-Hama Beach
Yamato Museum
Kure:Yamato Museum
Historic Preservation District
Takehara:Historic Preservation District
Shipbuilding History Museum
Kurahashi:Shipbuilding History Museum
Golf Course
Higashi-Hiroshima:Golf Course